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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

"The Hills" Hurts people

So this is the actually numero eins intro. I dont know what to actually write during the day you know I figured I had a bunch of stuff to put down, but when it comes time to perform I go limp lik3 Rafeal Palmiero. Hmmmm...maybe this will work, i stubbed my toe today...two things about it 1. quite possibly the shittiest injury based on the pain and stupity being the main aspects of the scale.. 2. I stubbed it on my own weights which add insults to injury not only that but about 10 minutes before that I was going to get up and get the remote control for the TV, and finally change it off of Cheyenne, I was watching it for like twenty minutes, i hate that show, but i had already sat down so I was just too lazy to get up and change the channel you know how that is. hence the lowercase i's i am too lazy to hit the shift bar "its way on the other side of the keyboard"..well anyways 1o minutes before the stub i was telling myself when you get the remote dont friggin hit the weights, watch the weights, keep your eyes on the weights, and overcourse i end up getting into the Show for the last ten minutes and forgetting about the weights and then Hills came on which I would rather castrate myself with a knife from barbies doll house than watch so i hurled my body out of the chair to get to the remote as fast as possible, and in the process I friggin stub my toe and as i said it hurt, yes i cursed my stupid weight for being such a jerk. We made up later??



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