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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Great Idea, that comes Complete with Marketing Idea

Well this blog stems from the fact that I am a larger than average man, yes a man and all man. So I have larger hands. I have a laptop/notebook, whatever. When I type on something like IM or just friggin type anything, I hit multiple letters at on time so it comes out like I am Stephen Hawkings with with a horrible shake . So I proposed the idea that a company make a laptop with a larger keyboard something that is more the size of a regular keyboard. I think it is a fantastic Idea. And to make everyone else think it is a Great idea I proposed a great commercial. Here is the commercial

The commercial starts with an ogre/goblin some huge hideous creature sitting in a park (central parkish appearance). The ogre, though hideous, is sophisticated and he is writing his poetry, (Green the color of love, warts, just more for the lovin) classy stuff he is writing. However, do to the fact the ogre has large fingers he just can't hit the friggin "F" button fg FG FG GF FG FD FD DF, Damn small keypads, The ogre Lets out a tremendous roar, and flips his friggin lid. Hurls his laptop into the park, (taking out two homosexual roller bladers wearing unnessecarily short hot pink shorts, and oiled up, eww) He goes storming through the park in a fit of blind rage, Tossing puppeteers and dancers to-and-fro. Using one bum to beat down a brigade of bums, and crushing human robots. He leaves the park and takes is tirade to the city crushing windows, using meters like bats to whack their maids, pushing the hell out of a wheelchair basketball ball player sending himoff like a drag racer. He is reaking havoc. He picks up an old lady and is about to toss he into a store window when he notices that it has an advertisement for a notebook with a larger Keyboard. The Ogre's head tilts in amazment, and he begins to smile, (but that old lady is goin friggin nuts, like she's about to have an aneurysm).

(Cut scene back to screen of a laptop with a finished poem)

(warts, just more for the lovin) pan out and the Ogre has a huge shrek like grin on his face, a butterfly rest on his finger and a dove on his shoulder. Thats when you cut to the name of laptop and company, " A larger keypad makes everyones life a little easier"

Thats my idea and commercial your thoughts? comment if there are any misspellings it is because the keypad is too friggn small. just make it already

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Video Games and Women

So, sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, I have been really busy, you know with sleeping watching TV, and video games. A thing about video games if you have anger managment issues or a heart problem you do not want to play them, they may break you hand or quite possibly kill, there should be a disclaimer on them. "warning may cause extreme fits of rage and extreme spikes in blood pressure". I walked in on a friend, a friend, a friend of mine, and he was playing the new NCAA 2007 game , you with R-Bush on the cover, well anyways before entering I heard a bunch of swearing and grunts, and "this game is F-ing cheatin me, everytime i play this team, everything works for them and nothing works for me, F-ing garbage, I F-ing hate this game, aaaaarrrrrrrgh", (like a pirate). Well if he hates it why doesn't he stop playing it, simple he doesn't hate it, he actually loves it. Anything that can get a grown ass man to act like a child is something he loves. Which pretty much brings me to my point i dont really know how i got to this point but i did. Video and Woman are very similar, All men love women even homosexuals, I dont need to tell you why heteros like women but homos do cuz they relate and are accepted, but a women can make a man act like a child, just like video games. So when a woman/girl buys her man a video she essential introduces her competition to him, its like me going up to my girlfriend and saying here I bought you this guy who looks like brad Pitt, Denzel, T-Cruise w/o the crazy, Greg Hawthorne ;-). insert generic hot guy, with every personality trait you like, for that is wut a video game is. You can turn her off when she annoys you, you can always have a do over, eversince the memeory card. you dont have to take her on dates yet she will still pleasure you for hours with out you having to reciprocate the perfect woman. Well all I know is that I would never buy my lady friend a perfect mate in which for me to compete, one i like her too much and two it would be too expensive. Well anyway thats how I feel. have a nice day!!!